How To Player Lock in NBA 2K22? (Full Guide)

Activate the Player lock or Position in NBA 2K22 to take control over a particular player or position, which helps you win the matches in the game.
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NBA is one of the most popular basketball games and a perfect option for basketball lovers. We know that basketball is a difficult game, and controlling all players at a time is a challenging task. Whether you play offline or online, you have to make quick decisions to make the perfect move. But the player lock features permit you to take control over one player and AI control other players. You can better play the game when you have one player to control. But it takes time to get fully coordinated with the moves of AI. Below, we tell you the simple process of how to player lock in NBA 2K22, as it will improve your gameplay.

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how to player lock in nba 2k22

How to player lock in NBA 2k22?

To turn on Player Lock in the NBA 2K22 Apk, you can enjoy two types of possibilities: Player Lock and Position Lock. By activating the player lock, you will get complete control over your selected player. So, you can only manage the movements of that specific player, and the other players will be in the control of AI. If you activate the Position lock, you will get control over a particular position rather than a player. You can pick any of your favorite positions between the point guard position and the center position to take control over it. Also, download nba 2k21 apk & nba 2k23 apk from our website.

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player lock in NBA 2k22

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You don’t need to worry about turning on player lock and position lock in NBA 2K22. Below is a simple tutorial that helps you activate the player lock, so follow the instructions.

  •  First, start the game and go to the homepage of the NBA.
  • On the homepage, click on MyLeague to start it.
  • Then, create a creative player or use the already created player from the option of Current NBA teams.
  • Now, go to the regular season, where the start mode has been chosen.
  • After that, select any of your favorite teams and tap on the B button on the Xbox or the circular button on the PS3. 
  • Furthermore, scroll down with the help of R1 and search the menu options. 
  • After finding the options menu, you have to choose the option of position setting.
  • By tapping on this option, you will see two options: Player lock and Position lock. 
  • Then, easily activate the player lock or position lock without any issue.

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When to use player lock in NBA 2K22?

When to use player lock in NBA 2K22

You can use the player lock in the NBA 2K22 Mod Apk when you feel you need control over a specific person or position to win the game. The locking system is usually suitable for game modes such as MyNBA, in which you will need control over a specific position to get advantages. After activating the Player lock, you can control only one player while AI will control other players. Initially, you will find it difficult to understand the movements of AI. But when you practice a little bit, you will get used to it.

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