How To Jump in NBA 2K22? (Step By Step)

Learn how to jump in NBA 2K22 to make perfect and accurate jump shots with the help of several releases through which you can easily make unblockable shots.
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Perfect jumping is one of the most important factors in basketball. Most players do not know how to make perfect jumps and jump shots in NBA 2K22 APK OBB to defeat others. Players can easily make a smooth jump by pulling the pro stick on or holding the shot button down. In this post, we will tell you how you can jump in NBA 2K22 and make perfect jump shots.

how to jump in nba 2k22

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How do you jump in NBA 2K22?

You can easily jump into NBA 2K22 Apk without any difficulty by following some easy instructions, which are given below.

jump in NBA 2K22
  • First, you need to begin in a standing position, and your arms need to be above your head.
  • You have to place your feet almost shoulder-width away from each other. 
  • You must keep your hips and knees forward.
  • Then, bring your arms a little down and back.
  • After that, lower your hips and bend your knees at the same time.
  • Now, swing your arm in a forward direction and jump as high as possible.

In NBA 2K22 Mod Apk, you can enjoy different types of jumps to make the best jump shots, which help you win the game against opposing teams.

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To make a jump with a lower/base shot, your body needs to be slightly back or straight up, and your jump is high. You have to release the ball quickly before your body moves forward. The jump shot 77 is perfect for making a lower/base shot. 

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Upper Release:

Upper Release

To make a perfect upper-release jump, you have to consider various factors. It would be best if you threw the ball behind the head of a shooter for hard blocking or at its apex and level. The ball should be thrown as fast as you can, but you must throw the ball behind and above the head. When you throw the ball from the chest of the shooter or their front, it will be easy to block, so you will have no benefit. So, if you want to make an accurate upper release, you should try Release 64 And Release 142.



Blending two different styles of releases will help you make the best and most accurate jump shot. There are 50/50 chances that a blend jump shot works perfectly. But to make a blend jump shot, you have to keep the release speed maximum. 

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Easiest To Green:

Easiest To Green

To make the easiest to green jump shot, you should use Release 58 and Release 138, as both contain visual glitches for an accurate release. This jump shot is quite easy to block but gives you a tradeoff with perfect and smooth accuracy. 

Quickest Execution:

Quickest Execution

The quickest execution is one of the perfect custom jump shots that appears wonderfully glitched out. This jump shot is one of the most difficult shots, but with some practice, you can perform it perfectly.

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Most Difficult To Block:

Most Difficult To Block:

You can make this amazing, difficult-to-block jump shot with a slightly fast motion, a high release point behind the head, and backward motion in the base. Mostly, players can not block this jump shot because it is a virtually unblockable shot. You can make this jump while playing, and it increases your chances of winning.

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