How to Play Blacktop Online NBA 2k22? (Complete Guidance)

Master Blacktop Online in NBA 2K22. Dominate the court, unlock players, and compete in tournaments for glory!
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Exploring the preeminent and captivating game mode in NBA 2K22 – the illustrious “Black Top.” This time, players are given the unique opportunity to handpick their preferred counterparts and engage in spirited matches on a pristine court. The simplicity and sheer delight of participating in Black Top mode with friends and peers is a compelling aspect of the NBA 2K22 experience. In this discourse, we delve into the current hot topic: unraveling the secrets of engaging in online Black Top matches in Nba2k22 apk.

how to play blacktop online nba 2k22

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Instructions to play Blacktop Online 2k22

In NBA 2K22, you can play the Blacktop mode online with friends. This mode was last available for online play in NBA 2K19 and has returned in NBA 2K20 for everyone to enjoy with their friends. To play Blacktop online in NBA 2K22, follow these steps:

Instructions to play Blacktop Online 2k22

1. Getting Started:

1. Getting Started

   To begin playing Blacktop Online, go to the main menu and click “Play Now.” Then, pick “Blacktop” and choose “Online.” Also, download nba 2k23 mobile apk.

2. Picking Your Team:

2. Picking Your Team

   In Blacktop Online, you have many teams to choose from, like NBA teams and All-Time teams. Select the one you like best.

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3. Game Options:

3. Game Options

   Before you start the game, you can change things like how long each quarter is, how challenging the game is, and other stuff. Make it suit your style and skill level.

4. Finding Opponents:

4. Finding Opponents

   You can play against your friends or random people online. Invite your friends to play with you, or let the game find someone for you.

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5. How to Play:

5. How to Play

   Playing Blacktop Online is a lot like playing regular NBA 2K22. You can dribble, shoot, pass, and use cool moves to beat your opponents. Learn the controls to become a pro at the game.

6. Showcase Your Skills:

6. Showcase Your Skills

Show off your basketball talents on Blacktop Online! Whether you’re great at dribbling, shooting, or dunking, use your player’s abilities to rule the court and outperform your opponents.

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7. Unlocking Players:

7. Unlocking Players

As you progress in Blacktop Online, you’ll get to add new players to your team. You can contact these players by earning rewards in the game, achieving goals, or completing unique challenges.

8. Building Chemistry:

8. Building Chemistry

To make your team play at its best, get your players to work well together. Understand what each player is good at and not so good at, and use their skills wisely to give yourself an advantage.

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9. Online Tournaments:

9. Online Tournaments

Blacktop Online often hosts online competitions where players battle for rewards and recognition. Join these tournaments to see how you measure up against the top players in the community.

10. Communication:

10. Communication

Good communication can boost your performance in Blacktop Online. Players can use voice chat or text messages to correspond with their teammates, develop strategies, and execute their game plans effectively.

11. Practice:


Like any other game, practicing is vital to improving at Blacktop Online. Keep practicing to sharpen your skills, learn new moves, and become a strong opponent.

12. Sportsmanship:


Being a good sport is essential when playing Blacktop Online. Treat your opponents with respect, avoid talking trash, and play pretty. Remember, it’s all about having fun and creating a positive gaming environment.

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