How To Backup FMWhatsapp? (Full Guidance)

To backup FMWhatsapp, go to settings>chats>backup and select whether you want a local copy of your data in your device or create a backup in Google Drive.
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FMWhatsapp Apk is a modified version of the original whatsapp, which comes with extra features and advantages. if you want your chats for a long time and media that you don’t want to drop after uninstalling the FMWhatsapp application. Then, the best way is to create a backup of your chats or media files. Creating a backup on FMWhatsapp is easy, like other whatsapp modified versions.  

How To Backup FMWhatsapp

 Today, we will discuss how you can create a backup on FM Whatsapp. For successful backup and recovery of your chats and data, we will provide you with some steps that will be helpful for you to back up FM Whatsapp. 

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How to create backups of FMWhatsapp:

To back up your chats on FM Whatsapp, to recover them at any time, or in other versions of whatsapp, you have to follow the below given steps that helps you. 

How to create backups of FMWhatsapp

1- Open the app and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the FM Whatsapp interface to open the option menu.

2- Then click on the last option, settings, in the menu section.

3- Click on the chat open option.

4- After that, click on the second last option of Chat Backup.

5– Click on the Backup button to start the process. 

6- This process creates a local copy of your chats that will be stored in the local file system.

7- To access that copy, you will need a special file browser to locate it. The best browser for this task is ES File Explorer; if you have no browser installed for this kind of file, click on the following green download button to get the apk and install it.

8- Then, you must search for the backup folder, open the app, and enter the internal storage by clicking here. 

9- The folder you are looking for is FMWhatsapp; inside that folder, you will find other folders and files with all the backup information. 

10- copy the FMWhatsapp folder to a safe place, such as an external hard drive or computer, so you can use it later, since creating and restoring backups, in this Mod and many others, could be more intuitive at the moment. To do this, just press and hold the folder for a few seconds until the menu options appear.

11- Then choose the More option and use any available methods to back it up or move that folder. You can share it through other apps such as whatsapp and Messenger to a safe destination.

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How to restore an FMWhatsapp Backup?

How to restore an FMWhatsapp Backup

1- To restore the chat backup, copy the FMWhatsapp backup folder to the internal storage of your phone in the exact location where you had previously copied the ES File Explorer.

2- If you use FMWhatsapp again, you will have to do nothing more: install it and wait until the copy restore option appears after phone number verification.

3- But if you install another whatsapp, you need to rename the backup folder accordingly as per the new name of your app. 

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Above in the article, we provide a complete guide on how to create the backup on FM Whatsapp easily. Creating a backup in FMWhatsapp is too easy; you must follow the steps above. These steps will help you create a backup of your chats and media files, so read the complete post and save your important conversations and media files.

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