How To Make Rock Bomb in Treasure of Nadia? (Step By Step)

To make a rock bomb in Treasure of Nadia, you need a basic container, a Jade Talisman, Nitroglycerin, and a silver Talisman.
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In recent years, adventure games have become popular entertainment among gamers. Treasure of Nadia Latest Version Apk is an action-packed adventure game that takes you on a journey to a mysterious island in search of a legendary treasure. The game features a dynamic combat system that allows you to switch between different weapons and powerful skills to defeat enemies.

how to make rock bomb in treasure of nadia

When you progress through the game, you will need to use rock bombs to clear your path through the jungle. Most players don’t know how they make a rock bomb in Treasure of Nadia. For their convenience, we provide the method to make rock bombs. If you want to learn the method to make a rock bomb, you have to read this complete post. 

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Required materials to make a Rock Bomb:

 Making a rock bomb in Treasure of Nadia is quite easy and simple; to do so, you have to collect four materials. Those materials are listed below.

1-  Basic Container

2-  Jade Talisman

3-  Nitroglycerin

4-  Silver Talisman

Method: To make Rock Bomb in Treasure of Nadia:

Initially, you can get the basic container and Nitroglycerin from the Doctor’s workplace. If you need more than one rock bomb, you will have to find Basic containers throughout the maps. After that, when you collect one from the Doctor’s workplace, then you have to prepare the rest of the materials. You can create these materials yourself after collecting their respective components.

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To make Rock Bomb in Treasure of Nadia

Now, when you collect all the ingredients of Rock Bomb, you have to go to the cave in Estero Park. After that, you can visit the ancestral shrine in this cave. Put all materials at the site of the shrine, and then you can make the Rock Bomb. That’s it, and after completing this process, you will get a rock bomb.

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What to do with Rock Bomb?

What to do with Rock Bomb

 When you get the rock bomb, you can use it to solve puzzles while catching the snake. In this quest, you have to catch the snake and deliver it to Jessica so that she can save Michael in the game. Also, you can use a rock bomb to blow up rocks and clear your path in the game. Moreover, you can easily complete levels while solving difficult puzzles without any difficulty. In Treasure of Nadia Apk, you can enjoy extra features and maps to explore to make your game more exciting.

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In Treasure of Nadia, players can make different items to make progress faster in the game. Rock Bomb is necessary when you progress in the game that is used to clear your path. Above, we provide you with information about the required materials that you need to make a rock bomb and the method to make a rock bomb. It is quite easy and simple, and you have to follow our guide. So follow it; it is definitely helpful for you.

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