How To Make Grappling Hook Treasure of Nadia? (Step By Step)

To make a grappling hook, you have to collect the required ingredients, including heavy cord and metal hook, then go to inventory and integrate both items.
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Treasure of Nadia is an exciting adventure and role-playing game where you go through an exciting journey to find lost treasure and unveil the town’s mysteries. In the game, you can meet new strangers, find new partners, collect coins, and shop for items. Also, Treasure of Nadia Apk offers many amazing features that keep you hooked on the game. Download Treasure of nadia apk android phone.

how to make grappling hook treasure of nadia

In one of the quests, you are supposed to help an in-game friend, Emily. She needs help creating a love portion, and you have to help her find the right ingredients. You need a grappling hook to collect ingredients and successfully create a love potion. In this article, we provide you information about the method of how you can make a grappling hook Treasure of Nadia.

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Required ingredients to make grappling hook:

To make a grappling hook, you require two ingredients that are easy to find. These ingredients are listed below.

1-  Heavy Cord:  The heavy cord can be found at a doctor’s workplace.

Heavy Cord

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2-  Metal Hook:  To collect a metal hook, go to the squallmart. In Squallmart, you will get the metal hook for $90.

Metal Hook

How to make grappling hook Treasure of Nadia:

 Once you collect both ingredients, you only have to go to inventory, combine both items and make a grappling hook. Now that you have obtained a grappling hook, you can collect plants that you need. To do this, you will have to go to the forest and climb a rock using the grappling hook.

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grappling hook Treasure of Nadia


Treasure of Nadia provides a lot of excitement while playing, and you have to solve different mysteries to find the lost treasure. A grappling hook is easy to make, and you have to collect the required ingredients and follow the above method. It is definitely helpful for you to make a grappling hook.

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