Can you play Forza Horizon 5 offline? (Step By Step)

Forza Horizon 5 offers offline play after a one-time online setup. Enjoy offline gaming convenience!
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Forza Horizon 5 is a game that loves online and multiplayer racing, but don’t worry, you can still enjoy it without being connected to the internet. Real players are swapped with AI bots called Drivatars when you play offline. You won’t miss out on a lot because you can still do most of the stuff in the game, like important events such as Showcases and Expeditions. So, whether you’re online or not, there’s plenty of fun! If you want to play forza horizon 5 download without an internet connection, follow these steps:

can you play forza horizon 5 offline

1. Start the game without being connected to the internet.

2. The game will inform you that certain features are unavailable offline, but you can ignore this message and proceed.

3. You can even launch your initial game without an internet connection. However, connecting online at some point is a good idea to back up your game progress to the cloud.

4. We recommend connecting online occasionally to ensure your local game save is backed up in case something happens to your hardware.

If you’re playing on an Xbox, setting your console as your “home Xbox” if you share games with others is important. It would be best if you did this to play the game offline.

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Setting your console as the “home Xbox” ensures you can play games even without an internet connection when sharing games with others. In summary, you can enjoy Forza Horizon 5 without the internet, but remember to go online occasionally to keep your game progress safe.

When you play Forza Horizon 5 offline, you can still enjoy many activities, but some features and events won’t be available. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do offline:

Available in Offline Mode:

Available in Offline Mode

Horizon Adventure events

Default Festival races

PR events (Public Relations)


Autoshow (Car marketplace)

Barn Finds (Discovering Hidden Cars)

If you play offline, you may see the Festival Playlist, but it might not be up to date, and your progress won’t be saved when you go back online because the current season will have changed. So, while there’s still plenty to do offline, some of the game’s social and time-dependent features won’t be accessible.

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If you prefer to play alone in Forza Horizon 5 without going offline, you can create a solo session with access to all online features and Festival Playlists:

Open the menu.

Navigate to the “Online” tab.

Select the “Horizon Solo” button.

Enjoy the game your way while still enjoying online features!

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