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The creator of the TM Whatsapp Apk is Titus Mukisa, who coined the term for this app. Although WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Google Play store, it does not offer the flexibility to modify themes or send longer messages.

With TM Whatsapp, you can access exclusive features unavailable in any other WhatsApp mod application. The latest version of TM WhatsApp lets users download WhatsApp statuses with just one click, eliminating the need to ask others to share their statuses. 

TM WhatsApp APK hack

Overview of TM Whatsapp APK

TM WhatsApp is a convenient tool for communication. You can exchange text messages and make high-quality audio and video calls to connect with people worldwide. It also allows you to create group video calls, making it a great solution for busy professionals. TM Whatsapp apk allows you to hide messages and status seen indicators, among other customized features not available on WhatsApp. It’s a great mod apk choice. We also recommend you to download gb whatsapp apk.

Mod Features of TM Whatsapp APK

This app has useful features from WhatsApp and new ones to provide complete control and ease of use. Top features include:

Unlimited groups

On TM Whatsapp, you can create as many groups as you need without any limits. While the regular WhatsApp on the Google Play store has restrictions on its features, TM Whatsapp allows you to access unlimited features for a more enhanced experience.

Auto reply

TM WhatsApp apk has a feature that works like a responsive auto-reply robot. When someone contacts you, they will immediately receive an auto-reply notification. This feature is primarily intended for companies on WhatsApp, allowing them to create a personalized auto-reply message that can be sent to individuals who contact them. At the same time, they are unavailable or not using their phone. In addition, now you can also download FM Whatsapp.

Enhanced customization

Customize your WhatsApp by choosing your themes, displaying preferred images on your profile, changing the background, and adjusting the layout according to various themes.

Multiple contacts

With this application, you can send a single message to multiple contacts without the forwarded tag at the top. The latest version enables you to communicate with multiple individuals simultaneously in an efficient manner.

Display a blue tick only.

With TM WhatsApp apk, you can display a blue tick only when a message has been replied to, allowing for more control over read receipts and protecting one’s privacy.

Extra Launcher Icons

TM WhatsApp apk provides options for launcher and notification icons on Android, allowing you to easily replace the default WhatsApp icon. We also recommend you to download Nothing Chats APK.

Advanced scheduling feature

Please stay connected with your audience effortlessly using our advanced scheduling feature. Communicate at the optimal time and take those much-needed breaks confidently, knowing your business is in good hands.

Built-in themes

You can enhance your WhatsApp experience with many themes by utilizing the built-in option to download Themes. This feature includes a plugin that grants access to over 150 creative themes, also available in TM WhatsApp Lite.

Share Upto 7-minute status.

TM Whatsapp apk has impressive features such as a 7-minute status, sharing up to 100 documents at once, sending 100MB of audio in one message, and sharing up to 100 pictures simultaneously. We also recommend you to download na whatsapp.

Unlimited members in a group

Whatsapp originally limited group members to 256, but it’s now 512. TM Whatsapp apk allows an unlimited number of members in a group.

TM WhatsApp APK unlimited groups

General Features of TM Whatsapp APK

This app has gained popularity for its distinctive features and functions. Let’s explore some essential features that provide a quick app overview.

 Run two applications simultaneously.

With TM WhatsApp apk, you can run two applications simultaneously, which is impossible with regular WhatsApp. This feature allows easy switching between the two apps and access to a range of cool features unique to TM WhatsApp. Numerous possibilities with TM WhatsApp are unavailable on the standard Green WhatsApp.

Hide Last Seen

One of the clever features of this APK is that it allows you to view sent content just once. The best part is that the sender remains unaware of this capability.

Extended Message Deletion Period

Users can delete messages sent through TM WhatsApp apk for both parties within three days of the original Send date, providing more flexibility than the standard WhatsApp’s 5-hour deletion window.

Delete texts and calls for up to 3 days.

WhatsApp allows users to delete messages for both parties within three days, solving the frustration of missing the five-hour window for the “delete for everyone” option.

Anti Forwarded Tags

You can also share a message with the forwarded tag on top to indicate that someone else previously sent it. This feature makes it appear like you typed the message when the receiver received it.

TM WhatsApp APK unlimited media

Personal Experience Review

I’ve been using TM WhatsApp apk for a while now, and it’s completely revolutionized my messaging experience. The app’s user-friendly interface and reliable features make communication a breeze. I appreciate the enhanced privacy and security measures that keep my messages safe. Personalizing my profile and sharing multimedia adds a personal touch to my chats.

The voice and video calling feature of TM WhatsApp apk is of high quality, facilitating easy real-time communication with my loved ones. This messaging app has become a crucial part of my daily communication routine. I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone searching for a dependable messaging platform with various features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing WhatsApp account with the TM WhatsApp apk?

You can use your existing WhatsApp account with TM WhatsApp. During the installation process, you will have the option to transfer your chat history and media.

Can I hide my online status on TM WhatsApp apk?

TM WhatsApp provides additional privacy features, including hiding your online status, last seen, and typing indicators.

Does TM WhatsApp apk support multiple languages?

Yes, TM WhatsApp supports multiple languages, allowing you to choose your preferred language for the app’s interface.


To sum up, TM WhatsApp apk is a versatile messaging app that provides a range of features to improve your communication. Its interface is easy to use, offers improved privacy and security, and effortless multimedia sharing. TM WhatsApp apk is an excellent tool for connecting with loved ones and colleagues. 

To enhance your messaging experience, download the TM WhatsApp apk today and enjoy a world of possibilities. Experience seamless and secure communication with TM WhatsApp – the ultimate choice.



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