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The trend of video games has increased among people in recent years because video games offer an opportunity to escape the hectic routine and immerse in a new world full of fantasy. These games can relax your mind without even getting out of your place. Years ago, people had to buy separate gaming consoles or PCs to play the video games of their choice, but now advancements in technology made it possible to play video games of every kind on mobile devices. Here we are introducing you to one of the most demanding adventure games, Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK.

Download Rick n Morty APK for android free

About Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK

Rick and Morty Pocket Morty APK is a mobile game based on the popular animated TV series Rick and Morty. The game was developed and published by Adult Swim Games and was released in 2016 for IOS and Android devices. In Pocket Mortys, players take on the role of Rick, who travels through various dimensions and collects different versions of his son Morty to battle other Ricks in the Council of Ricks. Rick and Morty’s simulation is a parody of the popular Pokémon franchise, as players collect, train, and battle Mortys in various arenas. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys game is available both on the play store and app store and can also be downloaded from our website.

There is also a fan created version of this game Rick and Morty: a way back home that you should also try.

Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK storyline

The storyline in Pocket Mortys APK is filled with the trademark humor and absurdity that fans of the TV series have come to love. The game’s quirky characters and off-the-wall scenarios provide plenty of opportunities for laughs and entertaining gameplay. Throughout the game, players encounter a variety of characters from the TV series, as well as new characters created specifically for the Rick and Morty APK. These characters offer quests and challenges, and players must use their Mortys in battles to progress through the story.

The storyline of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK takes place in the multiverse, where players control a character “Rick” as he travels through various dimensions collecting different versions of Morty. As players collect and train their Mortys, they encounter various obstacles, such as wild Mortys, rival Ricks, and even an evil organization known as the Morty-Stealing Jerry. The premise of Rick and Morty APK is that the Council of Ricks has declared that only one Rick can exist in each dimension, and it is up to the player to collect as much Morty as possible to challenge and defeat rival Ricks in order to become the one true Rick.

Rick and Morty APK

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys game modes

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK features different game modes with each mode offering a unique challenge and providing players with different ways to test their skills and progress throughout the game. Whether playing through the main campaign, competing against others in multiplayer mode, or testing their skills in a time-limited event, there is always something new to discover and explore in Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys android APK. Following are the modes you are going to get in this game;

  • Campaign Mode: This is the main storyline of the Rick and Morty APK, in which players follow Rick as he travels through different dimensions, battles rival Ricks, and collects Mortys.
  • Multiplayer Mode: In this mode, players can compete against other players online and test their skills in Morty battles.
  • Endless Summer Mode: This mode is a survival challenge, in which players must battle against an endless stream of Mortys to see how far they can progress.
  • Battle Royale Mode: In this mode of Rick and Morty APK, players enter a tournament-style competition, battling against other players to see who the ultimate Morty Master is.
  • Time-Limited Events: “Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK” regularly features special time-limited events, such as the Multiplayer Royale, in which players compete in a tournament-style competition with limited-time rules and rewards.
Rick and morty android download

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK features

Collectible Mortys

In Rick and Morty APK, Players can collect over 70 different versions of Morty, each with its own unique abilities and attributes. This collectible aspect of the game adds a level of replay value as players work to collect all the different Mortys. You can check list of all available Mortys in the game from Here

Crafting System

Players can craft and combine items in Pocket Mortys APK to create new and more powerful items to aid in battles. This system adds an element of strategy and resource management to the game.

Trading System

Players can trade Mortys and items with each other, adding another level of interaction and player choice to the game. These features of Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys APK make it more addictive and fun to play.

Original Voice Acting

Rick and Morty APK features original voice acting from the show’s cast, including Justin Roland as Rick and Morty.

Wacky Graphics and Sound Design

The graphics and sound design in Pocket Morty APK are true to the style of the TV series, with colorful, cartoonish graphics and wacky sound effects that capture the spirit of Rick and Morty.

Download Information

File NameRick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK
File typeGame
File size106 MBs
Developer [adult swim] Games
Requirement Android 5.0 and up

Final Verdict

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK is a fun and engaging game that will appeal to fans of the TV series and players of all ages. With its collectible Mortys, crafting system, and multiplayer mode, the game has a high level of replay value, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new mobile game. Whether you’re a show fan or just looking for a fun and quirky game, Pocket Mortys is sure to deliver. The game also has plenty of positive reviews on the internet. So, don’t wait much and download Rick and Morty APK latest version from our website for free.


How to download Free Rick and Morty game?

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys is available on Play Store and App store for android and IOS users. Rick and Morty’s android APK version is also available on APKVENT.com.

Is Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortals APK virus free?

Rick and Morty APK available on our device is thoroughly scanned and is free from all kinds of bugs and viruses.

Is Rick and Morty’s game safe for children?

Yes, Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty APK doesn’t promote violence or harmful vibes, making it a safe game for all age groups.



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