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Download Criminal Case Save the World mod APK for free and investigate hundreds of mysterious crime scenes with a real-time spying experience.
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Gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. Now technology has made it possible for everyone to run from daily grinding routines by just playing super-realistic video games on their cell phones anytime they want. People are increasingly drawn towards adventure games that offer real-time spying experiences instead of traditional racing and fighting games. These games allow players to experience the thrill of solving mysteries, exploring new worlds, and interacting with characters in an immersive and exciting way. Today we will introduce you to a “criminal case save the World mod APK” game loved by millions of gamers worldwide. 

About the game 

Criminal case: save the World is one of the most played spying adventure games in which you work with a team of police officers who travel all around the globe to solve the mysteries of murders and other crimes. The game was first released in 2017 by Pretty Simple and has over 10 million downloads. The game is free on the app store and play store for both IOS and Android users and offers some in-app purchases for rapid progress. However, there is also a fan-made version of the game “Criminal case: save the World mod APK” that you can download from the above-given download link to get unlimited resources and clues, making the game easier and more exciting. 

criminal case save the world gameplay

Criminal Case Save the World Features 

Enjoy a Real-Time Spying Experience 

One of the most significant draws of Criminal Case: Save the World APK is the real-time spying experience it provides. Players are placed in a detective’s shoes and tasked with solving a series of crimes by gathering evidence and interrogating suspects. The game features various crime scenes with unique clues and suspects, which players must navigate to gather information and solve the case. You have to keep your eyes open and shouldn’t neglect a single clue to reach the right criminal. 

Examine Clues Found in the Crime Scenes 

As a detective, players must carefully examine each crime scene to gather evidence that can be used to solve the case. Criminal case save the World mod APK for mobile features a variety of clues, including fingerprints, footprints, and other physical evidence, which players must collect and analyze to build a case against the suspect. Players must also question witnesses and suspects to gather additional information to help solve the crime. 

criminal case save the world mod for android 1

Realistic 3D Graphics and Animations 

Criminal Case Save the World mod APK instant clues features stunning 3D graphics and animations that help bring the game’s crime scenes and characters to life. The game’s developers have paid great attention to detail, creating realistic, immersive, and engaging crime scenes and characters. You will find yourself as you are literally on the crime scene, hustling to find the real culprit. 

Analyze Collected Clues in the Laboratory 

Once you have gathered the necessary clues and evidence, it’s time to analyze them in the laboratory to understand the crime better. Criminal case game features a variety of tools and equipment that players can use to analyze the evidence, including microscopes, DNA sequencers, and fingerprint analyzers. The laboratory also provides a database of suspects and evidence that players can use to piece together the puzzle and solve the case. 

criminal case save the world android APK unlocked

Arrest the Killer and Solve the Case 

The game’s ultimate goal is to arrest the killer and solve the case. Once players have gathered enough evidence and identified the suspect, they must make an arrest and build a case against them in court. Players must present evidence and arguments to convince the judge and jury of the suspect’s guilt. 

Investigate Hundreds of Crime Scenes 

Criminal Case Save the World mod APK game features hundreds of crime scenes for players to investigate, each with its unique set of clues and suspects. The game offers hours of gameplay as players work their way through each case, gathering evidence and interrogating suspects to solve the crime. You will find cases at different locations, in crowded cities, on the roof, in vehicles and on abandoned roads. Some of these cases will look like suicide, but you have to be competent enough to find the real culprits. 

criminal case save the world mod free download

Enjoy a Progressive Storyline 

Criminal Case Save the World Mobile APK features a progressive storyline that keeps players engaged and invested. As players progress through each case, they learn more about the backstory of the game’s characters and the world they inhabit. The game’s storyline is well-crafted and keeps players on the edge of their seats, eager to learn more about what will happen next. Each next level will be more complex than the previous one and will demand all of your energy and concentration to reach the criminal. You should also Try GTA Mzansi if you are a fan of good storyline games

Device Compatibility 

The regular game version is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Players can download and play the game on their preferred device without compromising its performance or graphics. Although there is no minimum requirement to install this game on your device, it is still recommended to have at least 2 GB Ram and 1 GB free space in your device for smooth gameplay. However, the Criminal Case: Save the World mod version can only be installed on Android devices in APK format. You can also try criminal case save the world for PC

What is Criminal Case Save the World Mod APK? 

Criminal Case Save the World Mod APK 2024 is a third-party application which is a clone of the actual game but with more advanced features and options. This mod version has everything unlocked and unlimited clues that help you solve the cases more efficiently. Downloading this mod version means you don’t need to spend time and resources to unlock your favorite level, as we have already done. Although the moded version of the criminal Case Save the World game is unavailable on the play store, you can still download it safely from our website. 

criminal case world game free download

Criminal Case Save the World Mod Features 

  • All levels unlocked 
  • All characters unlocked 
  • All abilities unlocked 
  • Unlimited Clues 
  • Unlimited Rewards 


Criminal Case: Save the World is an immersive adventure game that provides players with a real-time spying experience and the thrill of solving mysteries. The game’s engaging storyline, innovative gameplay, and stunning graphics make it popular among gamers worldwide. With hundreds of crime scenes to investigate, players can enjoy hours of gameplay as they gather evidence, interrogate suspects, and solve cases. Also, the mod version on our website is already being used by millions of people with a positive rating of 4.7 and is recommended by our team. Download the Criminal case save the World Mod APK latest version from our website to enjoy this best spying game for free. 

How to install Criminal Case Save the World Mod APK? 

The game is very easy to play, and you can install it easily like any normal APK by following the given steps; 

  •  Uninstall any other game version if you have installed it from the play store or any other website. 
  • Now download Criminal Case Save the World Mod APK from our website. 
  • Allow applications to be installed from unknown resources by allowing them through your device’s settings. 
  • Now access the recently downloaded APK file from the device’s internal download folder and click the install option. 
  • The game will be installed and ready to play within a few seconds 
download-criminal-case-save-the-world-mod-APK-for free

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